LAUGHTER ZONE 101 is Vancouver’s Number 1 comedy school. The classes are fun and the focus is on getting students to showcase their unique comedy talents.

All ages benefit from the comedy school program as it encourages individuals to step out of the box. “What are those ideas you are carry around with you?” Turn them into comedy.
Students are instructed in how to write in the “stand-up” comedy formula, while being encouraged to keep their own unique style. Students are given ongoing feedback by a professional comic, and guest comics.

Students also learn:

  • how to use the microphone properly
  • how to make full use of a comedy stage
  • why fear is good
  • how to develop a comedy persona
  • how to work with a comedy buddy
  • how to write premises and punch lines that work
  • how to add act outs to your material
  • how to turn life experiences into comedy material
  • how to tap into the local comedy scene

Stand-up comedy classes are great for public speakers, sales reps, teachers, preachers, emcees, and broadcasters.
Stand-up comedy training builds self-confidence, self-esteem, listening skills, encourages you to work collaboratively, and makes you realize, none of us are normal.

A night to remember –A COMEDY SHOWCASE

All stand-up comedy students that complete the classes will showcase their talents at a Live Comedy Club. You, your fellow students, friends and family and about 200 other people, at a gala event at Lafflines Comedy Club. You will not forget this night.

Many of Janice Bannister’s stand-up comedy students have gone on to perform at Comedy Clubs and Festivals, including Lafflines, Comedy Mix, LA Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, Comedy Underground, Cascades Casino, the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, and many more.


6 week sessions offer an introduction to Stand-Up Comedy. Students will learn:
• How to write comedy material
• How to get your own comedy style
• How to use the microphone and stage
• How to turn life stories into good comedy material
• How to build a great set for your first performance
• How to get past the FEAR
• Taking it to the Lafflines Comedy Club Showcase (an additional night)


6 week sessions-you have completed the Level 1 and you have the comedy bug.

  • taking your writing to the next level-authentic material
  • one exercise per day to keep new material flowing
  • act outs that work with your material
  • open mics and improv sessions are added to these classes
  • the business side of comedy-where the money is
  • Showcase of new material at Lafflines Comedy Club (an extra night)