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Janice Bannister has an exciting new approach to wellness. She combines her scientific training as a psychiatric nurse and her life as a stand-up comic to hold the audience’s attention, intellectually as well as emotionally.
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Janice’s message is simple:

Wellness at work is a result of your own life experiences. Research shows that if you reframe your thinking patterns, your own mental—and physical—health will benefit. Laughter is exercise for your soul. It reduces the impact of stress and provides a quick energy burst. It helps you live in the state of active expectation that is needed to manifest your dreams. It also shortens the distance between two people, cultivating communication and teamwork.

Janice encourages her audiences to develop their own laughter plans. Laughter is physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, and spiritual – and it proves its worth for employees and employers. Your group will be profoundly affected by Janice’s performance.

If you listen closely, you can almost hear the point where Janice’s audience realizes the power of her message: making laughter a lifestyle choice profoundly effects both physical and emotional health.

As a former Psychiatric Nurse, Janice combines her scientific knowledge and observation skills with her high energy sense of humour, entertaining and inspiring her audiences while teaching them about the latest research in healthy living.

If you are looking for a dynamic presenter for your next conference Janice will be a great choice

“This [lunch and learn session] really gave us a great break.” BC Hydro

“We are still using the ‘Jan-isms” that you taught us. Sometimes they help us get through
a stressful day. Thank you.” Coquitlam School District

“[Your performance] just seemed to flow effortlessly, and for that I applaud and appreciate your efforts and expertise in weaving together a lot of important lessons and learning that seemed tailor made for last night’s audience. You have a gift!” Council for Parent Participation Pre-Schools

“We just keep bringing her back. We tell her what we need for the conference and she always makes it specific to our theme. And she always makes us laugh.” City of New Westminster Child Care Conference


BC Hydro
University of British Columbia
School District of Delta, Coquitlam,
Comox Business Women’s Network
Revenue Canada
City of New Westminster
Association for Hospital Volunteers
BC Housing
Fraser Valley Breast Cancer Society
SPCA Fundraiser – Animal Krackers
Hospice and Palliative Care Conference
Douglas College Entrepreneurial Graduation
Parent’s Participation Preschool Gala