Hand writing vs keyboarding writing for developing comedy material

pen vs typing

As I sit and write this on my laptop, I realize how easy it is. But it is a work assignment for me. There is autofill to finish my sentences, spellcheck and underlinging when I need to fix a word (didn’t fix that word underlining and it probably drove some of you crazy)…..but it really doesn’t matter because you want to be a comedy writer and the best way to write comedy is by putting pen to paper….and science says so.

I have always been a bit of a nerd when it comes to Brain research; I love to learn about the way the brain learns and what can make it more creative. And putting pen to paper is the way to go if you want to be more creative. I could get into a whole explanation of how synapses connect differently with hand to paper writing, but the real thing you need to know is …..handwriting frees you from the internet…..what???? It taps into a different part of your brain, and makes connections to your creative side …..you know the left brain/right brain stuff.

Also hand writing in a book is a collection of weird writings…. the mistakes are still on the page, they don’t get edited out…and sometimes that is where the best comedy is generated…staring at a blank computer screen is so daunting…when you stare at a page with a pen in your hand …often you just want to write something, or make a squiggle or a line…and then a few weird ideas, and then an arrow to another idea….and you can show some one your ideas and add some more writing.

And then you decide it is all crap…but just turn the page and start again DO NOT THROW IT OUT. (on the computer it is so easy to delete it and then it is gone) So many times I have flipped through my writing book and come across ideas that I wrote, then scrapped, because I thought they were crap, but reading them again, after a break from the writing them, I have realized ..hey this might be a good comedy bit.

stand up comedy writing vs typingWhen you are starting your comedy writing journey, find a favourite writing book, and a special pen or 10 of them….and sit down and start writing….just do it. Write something every day, and then you get into the groove and you start to look forward to it. Keep your book handy, in a purse, backback,  etc . Write down your ideas as soon as you get them…. Or use your voice memo, on your phone to save a good idea …what I’m not a luddite ….because if you don’t capture your brilliant comedy idea in the moment you will lose it.   Have fun.

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