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Storytelling Classes

Laugh a lot and have fun.

Improv Classes Encourage Unplanned And Unscripted Performance And It Leads To Unique Comedy.


Storytelling Is A Sharing Of Your Life Stories, With You As The Main Character. The Comedy Is Authentic And Is Shared With Your Audience.


Join in the fun of sharing your true funny stories. Storytelling shows are becoming one of the entertainment forms that is growing. With successes like the Moth, Story Slams, and Mortified, personal storytelling and sharing is exciting.

Do you have a collection of stories, hidden in your books, on your computer, or just brewing inside your creative mind?

You will learn:

  • ¬†How to craft a fascinating story, as a first person story teller.
  • How to craft a fascinating story, as a first person story teller.
  • The steps of the story structure including the outline premise, characters, settings, and action.
  • The importance of editing your long stories.
  • How to make your stories entertaining for an audience.
  • The storytelling format that works best for the teller and the audience.
  • How to prepare your story for the stage.

This group is Collaborative and is under the guidance of a professional Storyteller, that has performed regularly on shows and events. Includes a showcase night.


Thursday, February 22, March 1, 15, 22
& a LIVE Storytelling night TBD
Time: 3-4:30pm



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