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Learn Vancouver Stand up comedy through our classes which teach comedy.
Vancouver Stand up comedy classes
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Stand Up Comedy Classes

Get on stage and spread some laughter.

The Laughter Zone 101 stand-up comedy classes are the #1 comedy classes in Vancouver. We have introduced stand-up comedy to over 738 students and we have produced 200+ comedy showcases. We are the longest running comedy school and have students ranging from age 8-87 years old.


Our courses focus on giving you all the tools and the framework for bringing your personal comedy style to the stage. And you get to perform in front of a live audience in a real comedy club.

Level 1 Stand-up comedy 2018

Have you always want to try stand-up comedy?

Step out of the box and do something different.This is the class to get you on stage.

You will learn:

  • How your funny ideas and authentic stories can be turned into a stand-up comedy set, that is unique to you.
  • To write a set using comedy formulas and styles that work for the stage.
  • You will discover your comedy persona.
  • To use the microphone and stage properly.
  • How working with a comedy buddy, will help you.
  • The importance of set order, act outs, and having fun on stage.
  • And how to tap into the local comedy scene.
  • All classes are collaborative under the guidance of a professional stand-up comic. Open to ages 16+

All classes are collaborative under the guidance of a professional stand-up comic. Open to ages 16+


  • Tuesday, April 3, 10,17,24 May 1st
  • Wednesday May 2
  •  7-9pm


Lafflines Comedy Club, 530 Columbia St, New West.

$245.00 Add to cart


This class is for comics wanting more development for your stand-up comedy, one person shows, comedy contests and festivals, or speaking business. You will be going beyond the standard comedy writing formulas to try new directions in your comedy. You will be working on riffing, crowd work, short format story building, call backs and topical jokes. You will be working toward an 8-10 minute set, without using notes.
The classes are demanding and require an incoming assignment due before the first class.

You will be doing a filmed open mic night of riffing and crowd work.

Sessions will include “how to get a paid feature spot with a show runner”, how to book a guest spot, when should you get paid. Where to go to work on your comedy.


Wednesdays, April 5th

PLUS an Open Mic night TBD
Time: 7-9pm



$245.00 Add to cart


Standup comedy is considered one of the most difficult performance art forms. Yet getting a laugh can be the most exhilarating of feelings. You’ll participate in this course by telling parts of your life story and adding the punchlines in the right places. You’ll learn to be your authentic self and to get smiles and downright belly laughs. And don’t worry; you get to pick the parts of your life story you want to share.

We will discuss comedy’s role in our lives and how nearly every subject can be developed into a comedy bit. We’ll work collaboratively to generate jokes and develop your performance style. A showcase of our comedy will be featured in the final class.

Please note that enrollment in this course is reserved for adults 55+.


FALL 2018


Simon Fraser University Vancouver Campus