What are you going to write comedy about?

stand up comedy what to write about

As I start the 2019 classes I always ask the class “what are you going to write comedy about”. Some are quick to answer….”my mother, the wife, observations, me, etc” . These may sound like oh hum subjects but they can all work on stage once you put your personal spin on them. Comedy classes are not for ranting about your “issues” but you can certainly share how you relate to mothers, wives, and the world around you.

A good way to kick start your comedy writing is to observe. And then write about it. Sometimes new comics will say “everybody knows that…” well no we don’t know about it, and if you tell us we know something we are already thinking, they don’t know me and we are not listening to your thoughts on the subject.

Bring that statement to your own perspective “I know that…..” “I hate that….”I find it weird that…” now as an audience member I can listen to how you feel about the subject.  And your presentation of the subject will get me laughing with the twisted way you see it.

I suggest you get off the couch, go for a walk, observe…..make a note of a few things you see. People walking with dogs and picking up dog shit, dudes wearing shorts in the middle of January when it is -5 outside, a woman with a scooter trying to get past a group of kids smoking on the corner”.

Those are just a few things I noticed when I was walking my dog today………….so if this is your list write down the topics, then just write ideas about these topics…..set a timer if you want (12 minutes is a good writing time and the brain works well with this time allowance) for each subject.

Don’t judge your ideas just write them, don’t worry about spelling, or grammar, AND don’t delete (if you are writing on computer but remember hand writing is best)  don’t throw out your ideas…………..

Some of  your topics may be easy for generating ideas some may fizzle out…..that is ok….it is the topics that you get rolling with and the ideas just keep coming, those are the ones that may turn into good comedy bits.

Don’t want to leave the house?? Just sit and write a stream of consciousness for 12 minutes…any subject….see where it goes….sometimes it leads to a longer spurt of writing that leads to some great comedy topics. I guess it is back to what I have said before just WRITE. Have fun!

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