Janice Bannister’s comedy class was recommended to me by two very satisfied previous students. They don’t know each other and I was hearing the same great things from each.

Even though I’ve done comedy before, I think it’s wise to keep honing one’s skills in things we’re passionate about.

Jan is funny, honest, energetic, relentless in pushing us to do our best, and is so passionate, and conscientious about her work, that she’s on the computer after class typing the homework in case we missed it, and extra notes.

Even if you don’t have any interest in doing stand-up, this class will help you in your life…and the rest of us in our lives. Let me explain.

Have you ever been to a wedding, where the speeches were awful, and you were too polite (and had too much of a sweet tooth) to waste and throw your crème brûlée at the podium?

Ever muttered “f$&@“ under your breath as someone read the sucky-uppest eulogy at a funeral?

Ever fallen asleep during mass?

Ever slipped into a coma during a dull class or meeting?

What do these scenarios have in common? The speakers did not take Jan’s class. Period. Do not be one of these people.

What if you just want to try something new? How about skiing , you ask. You might break a leg.

The worst that can happen in Jan’s class is someone tells you to break a leg. If you are a klutz, fall off the stage, and do break a leg, Jan used to be a nurse, so you’re in good hands.
Laughter is the best medicine after all!

SH The Laughaholic From Vancouver

After a good friend died unexpectedly from cancer and I became very depressed. I could not seem to pull myself out of the anger and sadness. I had heard laughter was a great healer and so I took a stand up comedy class with Janice Bannister. Although it took a
few weeks, I did start to smile and then laughter found its way back into my life. I am very grateful to Janice. She is a great teacher!” And I loved being on the stage, it was so much fun.

S.E / Student

Your course truly gets the job done!  There’s no doubt we shared a big common goal: we get on stage and perform a 5 minute set in front of a live audience, and I think you prevent the vast majority of us from committing social suicide in the process.  You really helped me deal with my fear.

A.M. / Student

The best part of the class was getting up in front of everyone each week to test material. The showcase was brilliant. Such a great opportunity to test your set, gain confidence and find out if our material and style actually adds something to the genre. I appreciated the chance to celebrate with my classmates, too

LDC / Student

The classes have helped me find motivation to write and I currently plan on setting aside time every week for writing. I was SO GLAD that I was able to make it to the showcase. The event is so amazing and makes you feel like a professional comedian while on stage. Your class great introduction to stand-up and is such a confidence booster knowing that even people outside of the class will laugh at your jokes.

T.D. / Student

I hired Jan Bannister to coach me before competing for a stand-up comedy contest because I had no experience. She is very knowledgeable with her craft and was brutally honest with what I needed to work on. She helped me find my voice. Well, I made the semifinals at the contest (amongst seasoned pros), and cannot thank her enough. This woman is genius!

L.L. / Student

I completely enjoyed being part of the Showcase.Standing in front of all those people and hearing the laughter was incredible.In a flash I was done and wanted more.I wish I could have been in the audience, so I could have been in the moment during show.All my friends were pleasantly surprised with the talent that night

E.W. / Student

The showcase went great my friends & family had a blast. I loved knowing that they where there to show me support. I felt loved that night and that’s what comedy is all about to me is feeling the love..laughter it’s the best feeling Ever!
Thanks Janice ..for your Help
Ps I think I’m dating a red head because of you 😉

R.C. / Student

I have taken many of Jan’s comedy classes but this is my first story writing class. Jan helps you break down a story and basically declutter it. She teaches you to recognize the important key parts and organize your story so it flows and holds the attention of your audience. Jan’s a straight shooter and wont BS you when it comes to what works and is good and what’s crap. I highly recommend Jan’s story or comedy classes to anyone who is interested in having fun and trying something new

K.W. / Student