After a good friend died unexpectedly from cancer and I became very depressed. I could not seem to pull myself out of the anger and sadness. I had heard laughter was a great healer and so I took a stand up comedy class with Janice Bannister. Although it took a
few weeks, I did start to smile and then laughter found its way back into my life. I am very grateful to Janice. She is a great teacher!” And I loved being on the stage, it was so much fun.

S.E / Student

I hired Jan Bannister to coach me before competing for a stand-up comedy contest because I had no experience. She is very knowledgeable with her craft and was brutally honest with what I needed to work on. She helped me find my voice. Well, I made the semifinals at the contest (amongst seasoned pros), and cannot thank her enough. This woman is genius!

L.L. / Student

Your course truly gets the job done!  There’s no doubt we shared a big common goal: we get on stage and perform a 5 minute set in front of a live audience, and I think you prevent the vast majority of us from committing social suicide in the process.  You really helped me deal with my fear.

A.M. / Student